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Dr. Ankita Singh is very active with philanthropy and non-profit work, and this website and blog was created as a hub for all of her charity efforts.  Dr. Singh and her family are active givers to their local community and she also recently launched a scholarship fund.

Who is it for?

This website was created by Dr. Ankita Singh to provide information about all of her different philanthropic efforts. Dr. Singh is active in the community with many charitable organizations and enjoys giving back to those who are in need. Some of the organizations which Dr. Singh is involved include Cherry Street Mission, Bethany House, and Food for Thought. The Singh's also donate as a family to the Save the Children World Organization. Dr. Singh receives joy by being able to those that are less fortunate, and she shares her time and funding to help those in need. Also, in 2022, Dr. Singh launched a scholarship to provide funding to students in medical school.


Dr Ankita Singh

dr ankita singh

Medical Doctor

Dr. Singh is a medical doctor with a specialization in internal medicine.  She is double board certified in both family medicine and obesity medicine.  She is currently working as a hospitalist, and completed her residency with the University of Toledo.

Ankita Singh is an M.D. who specializes with internal medicine.  She is also dual boarded in both obesity medicine and family medicine.  Currently, she works as a hospitalist.  She enjoys giving back to the community though philanthropy and charity work.


Giving To Local Charities

Dr. Sing enjoys staying active in her community with non-profits.  She feels grateful for everything she has received in life, especially as an immigrant here to the United States, and enjoys giving to those that are having difficulties in life.  She gives back through community service programs like local charities.  Her time and funding have gone to good use for the people in her community from her donations to local charities such as Food for Thought Toledo Cherry Street Mission, and Bethany House. 

Funding for Students

Along with her local charities, Dr. Singh has taken her giving across the country with her scholarship fund for future doctors which is available for any student who wishes to become a physician in the future.  She launched the annual scholarship fund in 2022 to give back to the next generation of physicians.  If you would like more information about the many philanthropic efforts of Dr. Singh, feel free to reach out to see how you can get involved.


Learn More About Non-Profits

If you have any questions for Dr. Singh, or need to get in touch, you can reach her by clicking on the Contact Page and filling out the form.  Someone will get back to you soon with your inquiry.  If you are trying to get started with non-profits, and don’t know where to begin, Dr. Singh can point you in the right direction.  Good luck with all of you philanthropic efforts.


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